• Allah is the Light
    of the Heavens
    and Earth


  • To Allah belongs the East and West.
    And wherever you turn,
    there is the Face of Allah


  • Indeed, He it is that
    encompasses all things


  • He is the First and Last and
    the Outward and the Hidden.
    And He is the Knower of All Things


  • We created Man, and We Know what
    his own self whispers to Him. We are nearer to
    Him than His Jugular Vein


  • Certainly the Friends of Allah
    will not be overcome by fear,
    nor do they grieve


  • We will show them our
    Signs on the Horizons and within
    Themselves” Current ayat


About Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Acknowledged as a master of self-knowledge and a spiritual philosopher, Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri’s role as a teacher grew naturally out of his own quest for self-fulfilment. His informed awareness of the realpolitik of the world around him compelled him to seek a truth that would reconcile the past with the present, the East with the West, the worldly with the spiritual. A link between the ancient wisdom teachings and our present time, and a descendant of five generations of well-known and revered spiritual leaders, he has taught students throughout the world for over 30 years.

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri skillfully shows how the self relates to the soul, how mankind is linked with the Divine, and how consciousness can be groomed to reflect our higher nature. The unifying scope of his perspective emphasizes practical, actionable knowledge that leads to self-transformation, and provides a natural bridge between seemingly different Eastern and Western approaches

to spirituality, as well as offering a common ground of higher knowledge for various religions, sects and secular outlooks. He is a prolific author of more than thirty books relating to the universal principles of Islam, the Qur’an, and its core purpose of enlightenment. Some of his works include titles such as The Thoughtful Guide to Islam, Witnessing Perfection and The Sufi Map of the Self.

The SFH Foundation seeks to provide information about reality and our purpose and role in the quest for fulfillment and happiness. Every human being is a soul or spirit far greater than the limitations of the space and time in which it experiences life.

The SFH Foundation strives to share this way of enlightened being through its publications, video and audio recordings and seminars.

Life can be joyful and fulfilling or bleak and depressing. Human beings experience all these states to varying degrees and durations. No matter who we are, at some point in our lives we will be faced with challenges and trials, some of them tremendous. The thrill that comes with a new job, a holiday, a marriage to the love of one’s life, soon fizzles away into a distant memory. The truth is that nothing lasts!

The sense that there is something missing is such a common feeling amongst us that we cannot dismiss the profundity of this experience. The questioning starts: Why me? What is it all about? Who am I? Since the dawn of creation we have been asking ourselves these questions, in different cultural formats. Prophets and enlightened beings have come to all societies, revealing truths that show that the challenges of life are indicators and opportunities to discover unbounded perfection, inexplicable joy and completeness. These facets lie at the core of our being: our Soul.

What we perceive and feel as limited in this earthly realm is only so because our origin and essential reality is unbounded and joyful. The Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri Foundation is dedicated to a contemporary rendition of the Prophet Muhammad’s teaching in this prophetic line. It demonstrates in accessible symbolism of language and style how the timeless prophetic teachings can be understood and lived in the modern world. It honours the spiritual teachings of the acknowledged paths prior to Muhammad (pbuh) and the many expressions issuing from the Muhammadi way, such as the teachings of the great Sufi masters, as well as those of the School of Irfan.

Welcome to the path of joyful surrender!

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