A Prophetic Supplication to Remove Darkness and Impurity and Attract Light

The mirror of the heart of the seeker becomes clearer and the signs of the Realm of Divine Power and the lights of the Spiritual Regions become manifest there. It is for this reason that the Prophet (pbuh) used to beseech the following in his whispered supplications:

“O Allah, make a light in my heart, a light in my hearing, a light in my vision, a light in my flesh, a light in my blood, a light in my bones, a light before me, a light after me, a light on my right, a light on my left, a light above me, and a light below me, a light in my heart. O Allah, increase me in light and make me a light (I beseech You) by what is Your due, O most Merciful of the Merciful.”

This supplication removes darkness and impurity and attracts light, purity and virtue. If it is accepted one joins the People of the Spiritual Regions and the Realm of Divine Power, with the appropriate potential.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “The Inner Meanings of Worship in Islam”