A Report of an Integrative Session with Students of ASK Courses One & Two in Cape Town, South Africa

Recently, a gathering of students from both ASK Courses one and two, was held in Central Cape Town to support their continuous learning of the ASK principles. Over the past two years, the group had set out on a journey of Self-Discovery, using the ASK One maps as keys to unlock in-depth understanding of questions, as: Who am I? Is there purpose and meaning in life? What is happiness? How can I find peace and contentment?

These questions were considered in the light of the authentic and universal teachings of the science of the self, according to the spiritual tradition of Islam and Sufism, teachings that the students discovered lay at the root of all the world’s major spiritual traditions. The 14 maps of ASK Course One delivered the concepts and guidelines in a contemporary way that is relevant to our current age and lifestyle. The key concepts were taught using exercises to deepen learning that were based on the student’s own real life experiences. This interactive approach gave the student the depth of insight and understanding that lead to transformative change in one’s life and relationships. The ASK maps are vital tools that provided us with guidelines on how to balance our inner spiritual world within the world we live in.

ASK Course Two delivered 12 maps about aspects of Islam, the Qur’an and the Prophetic Path of enlightenment, in a language accessible to our modern day. The students discovered the Prophet’s message to be refreshing and vibrant, and free of cultural habits and traditions that were not part of the original message of Islam. This was a significant revelation to most of the students. It began a process of opening our minds and hearts into discovering the true, deep and inner meanings of the Prophetic model of Islam. The maps also enabled the group to look more deeply into the true meaning of worship and its transformative practices.

Both ASK courses offer keys on how to deal with and transcend the many challenges of the material world and its limitations. The ASK courses are about “what is” and “how things truly are”. Many today lack this knowledge and are caught up in the distractions and illusions around us. There is a sense of general malaise and the awareness that one lacks a true, awakened teacher as a guide. This leads to feelings of frustration and not knowing how to make one’s way in life to find true inner peace and joy.

There is little else currently that offers the teachings and skills to prepare us to for living a more joyful and contented life while staying true to our spiritual principles and values. Both ASK Courses offer vital tools to navigate one’s way in this world while realising that this life is temporary but we are eternal beings.
With these ASK courses, one will find a toolkit to connect with one’s light within, by which one can be guided to being a more balanced, happier, wholesome, and centred person.

As is customary with students who have completed the ASK courses, an integrative session was held to discuss and share our experiences and insights of growth and deeper understanding of the transformation the courses made in our lives.

Some of the feedback made on this day were:

“ASK is a journey that is never ending and continues beyond the grave”

“The course has allowed me to express myself in a manner that I have not been able to before”

“After doing the course I felt more grounded and a shift in my consciousness”

“The course has helped me answer the bigger questions in my life that previously made me restless”

“ASK has helped me open up to my self-awareness”

“Since doing the course I have been able to go within my soul and it has helped me to focus on where to go in life”

“ASK integrated other teachings into an Islamic perspective and illuminated what I inherently knew”

“It’s been a real transformation for me and has removed certain barriers created by society which I had thought I needed to fit into”

“ASK has taught me to find the middle ground. It has also created visible changes in me that others see and remark on”

“It’s been an amazing journey that has brought about lots of healing and exceptional transformation. The only one that needed to change was me — as much I wanted others to change, it was me that needed the change in order to transform and transcend”