Academy of Self Knowledge “Maps of truth that will illumine the journey in this life and the hereafter” Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Aliya B Haeri, Director
Now more than ever is a time to transform our consciousness. The Academy  of Self Knowledge (ASK)  delivers a range of dynamic courses, workshops and seminars in the journey of self-discovery.
Universal, soul- stirring questions are addressed, such as: What is happiness? Does my life have a purpose? How can I find harmony in my relationships? What does it mean to be in connection with my soul? Is it possible to live joyfully in today’s world?

Founded in 2003 by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri, ASK offers key principles which give us an insight into who we truly are, what motivates us and what hinders us from living our best life. Once we have been given these maps of the self, the challenge then lies in how to lead our lives in an optimal way that supports our growing consciousness. We are often aware of the desire to maintain our spiritual values, but find it difficult to navigate our way in a world that feels challenging. Unlike most courses, the ASK program not only gives you the knowledge base but also realistic applications by which you will experience real transformation in your life, building on the premise that knowledge alone is not power, but that applied knowledge has the power to transform.

What ASK offers
The Academy offers bespoke packages of learning that meet the requirements of specific groups and organizational needs. Currently we regularly run two types of intensive courses, either over a few months or over full weekend workshops. Both of these are highly participative, interactive and self-reflective to deepen one’s understanding of our own real life experiences.

For further information about the Academy and its activities, please send an email to ask@sfhfoundation.com

ASK COURSE 1: Cosmology of the Self
This course addresses the question of ‘Who am I?’ in the fullness of being human as both physical and spiritual, in body and spirit. It offers practical maps of the journey of life in this world and the next. This knowledge of the self also echoes the teachings of the spiritual traditions of the world’s religions. Its essential premise is that humanity is one, and that all humanity is linked by the one divine essence, which is the same in all human beings, irrespective of race, religion, heredity and culture, and the limits of time and space.

In this course we will present pivotal cycles of life experience before birth right through the arc of human development towards the twilight years and the next phase of life. Topics explored are:

  • early childhood and the development of consciousness
  • ethics and acquiring desirable character traits
  • body-mind-spirit
  • relationships
  • free will and predestination
  • ageing and wisdom,
  • witnessing perfection
  • realizing one’s potential
  • enlightenment and the next life

ASK COURSE 2: The Prophetic Way of Life – Islam
Course 2 offers maps for living in a contemporary manner whilst being faithful to and subsequently choosing, the Prophetic model of Islam and its principles. This course portrays ageless wisdom against the backdrop of the 21st century in all its complexity, addressing profound questions such as: “How can I live my life as a believer when my spiritual values are challenged in a world of constant change and uncertainty?”

This course presents Islam as a map for life in a unique way that offers the opportunity to dive into the deeper meanings of faith and practise, which bring the deen (the life-practise of Islam) to life in all its vibrancy. Through this approach you will be able to see that the Islamic practices are in themselves transformative tools through which the heart is opened, leading to an experience of illumined living. You will learn about and experience the Universal Oneness, further cementing your ability to live firmly in this physical world, while continuously enhancing your own consciousness. Topics explored are:

  • Conscious worship of our original Source
  • Evolving relationships with other and self
  • Access guidance from Allah
  • Perfection in all existence
  • The Prophetic Model of Muhammad
  • Links between acts of worship and heightening awareness of the Divine
  • The power of correct intention
  • Divine perfection is the present moment
  • Cohesive influence of Islam and Prophet Muhammad on communities and nations
  • How our outer reality reflect our inner reality and vice versa
  • Overview of the hierarchies of spiritual growth