A South African Student’s experience of ASK Course One : Nelspruit

On a hillside overlooking the verdant countryside of Nelspruit, a group of women and men gathered for a weekend workshop on “Discovering Yourself”. The ASK Course One Weekend Intensive was facilitated by Aliya B Haeri, Director of ASK Academy of Self Knowledge. Most of the participants have been on a spiritual journey for a while. Many are highly qualified teachers and healers who are well-known and established in the area. One of the participants was a professor visiting from Sweden, another a South African lawyer from Johannesburg. Many in the group had no knowledge of Islam or Sufism, but found the course material and concepts to be familiar, as the ASK programme is delivered from a universal perspective of spirituality that lies at the heart of Sufi wisdom.

Members of this group have done a tremendous amount of work on themselves over the years. The evidence was clear. Nonetheless, it is astonishing in this day and age to have a group of mostly South Africans from conservative Nelspruit attend a course with a core of Sufi teachings.

The course was very well received and it had a significant amount to do with the depth of the material and the presentation. What was particularly attractive was the discipline in presentation and determination to deliver as much of the course content as possible. It was an immense privilege to spend the weekend immersed in the ASK Intensive Weekend with a group of people committed to their journey and seeking.

Although the material seemed familiar, it was in fact presented with a whole new dynamic as the listeners felt they were drawing more from the fountain of the teacher than from the literal material. This theme is repeated in the comments made by the attendees below. Personally I have taken a leap in consciousness from trying to connect with the god within to understanding that there is only GOD.

Feedback from some participants

A deeply peaceful place to sit and accept the teaching/truth from a beautiful soul.

I enjoyed that the group size was intimate enough to allow for meaningful interaction between members of the group and the facilitator. For me the insights received during the course were invaluable as I finally got clarity on issues that have been on my mind for many years on my spiritual journey.

I found the exercises and meditations that we engaged in to finally allow for a kind of introspection that I had never embarked on previously, with the result that I acquired deep insights into myself and my relationship to others.

My overall reaction was a feeling of privilege of being able to do this course and gain such deep insights from a wise and beautiful soul.

“To know yourself is to know your Lord”. The ASK Course illumined this incredible spiritual teaching in a most engaging and profound manner. I have, since completing the two day intensive course in Nelspruit, applied the teachings to the daily choices and stimuli I am exposed to. In doing so and in combining this approach with daily Devotion, I feel a deep sense of Peace and Joy at a level I have never previously experienced.

I sincerely enjoyed the course, as it was very Enlightening and Informative and so relevant to the times we are living in and the challenges we experience in our daily lives.

My experience of the ASK course was a relearning of what I know but find difficult to practice. I make my life complex and I learned how to look at things differently, uncomplicated and joyous. It was a wonderful time of sharing in a safe space and I felt renewed.