Al-Fattāh: The Opener

Fataha is from the root meaning, to open; to turn on; to conquer; to reveal; to grant a mercy or victory. Surat al-Fātihah opens the Qur’an; Miftāh is a key. Khayr al-Fātihīn: The Best of Openers (7:89).

Allah always opens new horizons and doors, and provides solutions and relief. Fath is also an insight into new knowledge and the removal of veils and limitations in life’s progress. He removes obstacles and opens His treasury of lights and delights.

During difficulties one calls upon Al-Fattāh who holds the keys for appropriate insights, openings and horizons of actions and possibilities.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “Calling Allah By His Most Beautiful Names”