Best Times for Supplication

Every aspect in life undergoes dual cycles which connect, such as ebbing and flowing, expansion and contraction, rising and falling, living and dying. The season to plant is spring, when growth and expansion are most conducive naturally. In winter most plants contract and stop growing. As every action has a favourable time, so too does supplication, the timing of which relates to the state of the caller as well as circumstances. Also there are naturally occurring periods during the year when planetary positions, electromagnetic fields, and other conditions, are most favourable.

The following is a brief list of favourable ‘calendar’ times for supplication:

  • The Night of Power or Determination (Laylat al-Qadr), during the Fasting month of Ramadan
  • The Day of ‘Arafat of the Hajj (Pilgrimage)
  • The Month of Ramadan
  • Any Thursday Night
  • Any Friday, during the day
  • The middle of the night
  • Before dawn (fajr)
  • When prayer (salaat) is called – the short interval between the call to
  • Prayer (idhaan) and beginning the prayer
  • Immediately after the prayer (salaat)
  • During prostration (sajdah)
  • During a gathering for the remembrance of God (dhikr)
  • During a rainstorm and other unusual earthly events such as earthquakes or tornadoes
  • At the time of death of a believer (mu’min)
  • At the time of birth
  • And other occasions of special or personal significance.

The Prophet (s) has said:

‘Three supplications will be clearly answered: At the time when a person is breaking his fast, when a pious and just leader (imam) makes supplication, and when an unjustly treated person calls out to Allah for help.’

Ultimately the condition and state of the caller dictates the appropriate time to call. A pure heart, a clear and dedicated disposition, a sincere and desperate need, and high expectation of Allah, fear of Him and unconditional love and trust in Him all indicate a favourable ‘time’.

The Prophet (s) also said:

‘No people sit to remember Allah unless the angels encompass them, and the All-Merciful surrounds them, and peace descends upon them, and Allah will remember them’.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “Calling Allah by His Most Beautiful Names”