Caught by Action

Projects and ideas often expect to be fulfilled and relevant actions performed. We are in the training cycle of desiring something, aiming for it, achieving it, experiencing contentment for a minute or contentment and mental ease. Then the next project is on. From one to the other. Like little windows into infinite possibilities. Childish exercises. Learning to live. Training to live in the world of dualities and challenges.

Human life is perceived through a momentary tiny window into a vastness which is perpetual. It is beyond time and space. Take the first opening towards vastness and witness a horizon that is not subject to beginnings and ends. The first opening may lead to more openings until you find that you are overwhelmed by a majestic presence beyond any opening or closing. You were caught in action as a spiritual child and now you are liberated from the illusion that you are a separate doer. Your life is a prelude to experiencing life’s infinitude – that is the state of the human soul.

Article by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri