Die Before You Die

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) often emphasized the importance of remembrance of death and being prepared for it at all times. ‘Die before you die’ is a frequently quoted tradition. The general meaning of the teaching is to be ready to leave this world in submission to the will of the generous and just God with ease and peace of mind. This state is attained by having the least amount of attachments to, and love of, worldly belongings and relationships. A deeper meaning is to let the lower consciousness die (‘lower life’ is often quoted in the Qur’an) and to live for and by the higher (‘other’, ‘later’ or ‘lasting’ life), which relates to God consciousness. These teachings and Qur’anic verses become transformative when one reflects and meditates upon the purpose and meaning of life and the human freedom and responsibility. Islam is the path of grooming the lower self and purifying the heart and unifying the self and soul. This spiritual evolvement will lift the individual consciousness out of the ever-changing worldly uncertainties to the domain of insights and inner delights. Whatever we love in this world we shall lose, except the sacred soul which lives on.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “Happiness in Life and After Death”