Energy and Awareness

At a given situation or time we all have a certain amount of energy. However we like to measure it, you will find a certain amount of energy available at any one time. Why are most of us unbalanced or dissatisfied at the moment? It is because our energy is not harnessed. We are not contained and therefore not wholesome. Part of our energy is leaking away in the form of anxiety and worry.

Self-knowledge is about wholesomeness. It is in order to see the totality inwardly, to see the absoluteness, to see the integratedness of everything, which is ‘Tawhid’, Oneness. But, with regard to energy, if at the moment I have a third of my energy dwelling in the past, suffering from it or proud of it, and another third is concerned about the future – whether it is about the welfare of my children, my reputation, failure or success – then only a third remains. Therefore, only one third of me is really available to be drawn from now.

In any situation, the more you worry the less likely you are to achieve the expected result, because some of your energy is dissipated in anxiety. And the body is absorbing some of it in the form of perspiration, heat or nervousness. These are all forms of dissipation. So where are you now if half of you is buried in the past and the other half is anxiously concerned about the future? What is left of you?

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “The Sufi Way to Self-Unfoldment”