Human Beings – Needs, thoughts & actions

Most intentions and actions expect an outcome. There is a hierarchy of ‘hoped’ for or expected results. Basic safety, security, material and mental stability are at the foundation. Then comes desires for growth and development in the physical, material, emotional and spiritual spheres.

Outcome relates to time and place and is framed by its historical position. Every desirable outcome draws its energy from the source of life—ever-still and in complete peace.

The ultimate outcome is what is utterly perfect and is our essence, origin and source. The less are our needs, concerns and distractions, the more we experience calmness, clarity of mind and purity at heart. This increases the efficiency of actions and success in fulfilling needs.

On a cultural or spiritual journey, destination is connected with every step–the journey itself becomes the purpose.

by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri