Illusion and Reality of Security and Insecurity

“The self always seeks certainty, security, acknowledgement and ease. This is part of the divine plot to enable intelligent and dedicated seekers to know and experience that whatever you are striving for is within the zone of perpetual being-ness and God-consciousness. You have no option but to search, investigate and hope to know. Intellect and what is intelligible are one.

Do reflect upon ‘who’ is looking for ‘what’ and ‘where’. The self which is an illusion can never be content and secure in any state. Your soul knows it is ever secure as it is not separate from the light of God.

The self is in constant change and seeks its soul-mate. Humanity is designed to seek its divinity and to bring it out of the box of space and time. Within that box there is only uncertainty. It is foolish to look for cold water in the middle of a blistering arid desert. The paradox is that you cannot stop looking for security and you will never find it within the conditioned human consciousness and identity with the body and mind. You have to resolve this challenge by stepping out of the confines of being human, which relates to the temporary earthly reality of body and mind. Your soul knows it and loves it and in essence you are a soul that carries the divine attributes. It knows the Real and its shadow on earth.”