In Perfect Joy, In Timeless Bliss

Some time ago, I was asked to give my first public talk on Muharram to a crowd of British Muslims. I prayed for inspiration, and that night had a wonderful dream. There was a fine black tent, stretching towards the horizon. I was taken inside and saw the Prophet (pbuh) and his family scattered in different parts of the tent. Imam Ali beckoned to me and said, ‘You wanted to talk to my sons, and here they are.’ Both Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein appeared, as young men, cheerfully exchanging pleasantries. I cautiously approached Imam Hussein and asked, ‘Do I have your permission to talk about your martyrdom?’ ‘Of course you can’, he replied, ‘but only if you depict me as you see me now; in perfect joy, in timeless bliss – not in any other way.’

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “Son of Karbala – The Spiritual Journey of an Iraqi Muslim”