Islam & Religious Confusion

“Islam, like other world religions was propelled by two forces. One is informative which, draws out maps and pathways describing how things are and the other force is transformative. The difference between information and transformation is like the difference between studying a recipe and partaking in a meal. It is a message that connects the seen and the unseen, as well as what is within time and that which is timeless. Like all messages it can be diluted, distorted or abused.

Essential Message of Islam
There are two foundations that the Quran rests upon. One is unity, as a cosmic reality – God is One but permeates all. All of creation, however, appears in pluralities and dualities – appearing as complimentary or in opposition, for example, good and bad, birth and death and so on. Creational multiplicities have all emerged from cosmic unity and return to it. Like visible light it yields numerous colours – rainbows emerge and subside back to light. The second most important message of Quran is that there are two stages in life, designated as the lower life ‘dunya,’ or later life. Which is permanent – ‘akhira’. Personal life and conditioned consciousness is defined within space and time. Life, itself, as such is in perpetuity and personal life draws its energy from that which is perpetual.

The Human drive, purpose and direction in life is to accept and respect the limitations of ‘dunya’, dualities, and the cycles of birth and death. Then, we must expend energy, hope and dedication to perceive and experience full consciousness and eternal life itself. The technology for this is to transcend mind to heart or self to soul.

As human beings we have no option other than to evaluate events and situations and to pass quick judgement. ‘Dunya’ is the zone of action and we often make mistakes and regret the action. To minimise this damage and regret, thoughts and intentions need to go beyond the mind and personal agenda. This requires full presence in the moment and it is only in that state that ‘dunya’ and ‘akhira’ meet. Human atrocities, violence and injustices have to be condemned and tackled wisely. We need stability and peace on earth before we can visualise heaven. After condemnation of brutalities, we need to courageously investigate their origin. Islam declares that nothing ever occurs unless it is with God’s sanction. So why are we being subjected to so much animosity? One obvious factor is that Islam was not lived fully by most Muslims, who reduced it to a set of rituals and rigid ideas. It is the path that brings suitable calmness and goodness to life on earth enabling those who pursue the path more vigorously to realise the presence of the One. The Truth has declared that there is none other than that One.”