To be loyal implies total connection understanding and unity – thus loyalty emanates from the field of Oneness. Can there be loyalty between two changing entities? Can you be loyal to another human being?

Change, uncertainty and the fields of duality are barriers to loyalty. Unless there is one constant reference, loyalty cannot be durable! Unless each entity calibrates with its organic source of Oneness there can be no lasting loyalty. True loyalty to another being can emanate from the original loyalty to the One essence from which all dualities have emanated.

Loyalty to the One can bring about the experience of being loyal to those seeking the knowledge and experience of the One.

It is part of human nature to consider loyalty as a good virtue for it contains within it an aspect of Oneness and unity. The purpose of human life is to be in constant reference to the cosmic Oneness – Allah and all his attributes.

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri