Morning in the Plantation

Parchment-like, thin as a muslin veil,
The radiant green banana fronds glistened and waved farewell to the morning mist.
Like victory flags parading on the hilltop,
blending the orchard songsofbuds, trees and palm fronds,

merging with colours, forms and stillness
unifiedin the early light
in delight, in symphony, in harmony cloaked in white,
from light unto light
all defined by changing shadows confinedto hills and meadows without which there can be no vision nor desperation for divine admission.
And awakening into colourless stillness into the presence ofLight-beyond-light the boundless Essence
behind and in front and within all sights — Allah-Hu.

Taken from “The Four Journeys” by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri