New Beginnings

“We live in constant struggle. We think, plan and hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Yet life itself flows according to its perfect path. The future is only a continuation of Now, and if, right now, we have presence of mind and heart, then there is no doubt that the future will be best. We are habituated to change for the better and renew our habits and patterns for what is considered optimal.

Our world of dualities has originated from unity and is returning to that state. If any renewal is along the path of connectedness, continuation and Oneness, then it leads towards greater wellbeing. Whoever wants the best in their future needs to experience the best Now. We all know that the zone of joy and goodness exists right now, but we may not have tapped into it because we are concerned by shadows and illusions.

The path, therefore, is stop those concerns and start from a clean and neutral position. Then you may flow along the beam of light of your soul, witnessing perfections irrespective of outer appearances or feelings.

Divine perfections, ever-present.”