Night of Power (Part 5 of 5)

Ayah-05: Peace! Until the break of dawn.

From the knowledge that all creation exists according to a measure and is moving toward a destiny according to that measure, comes the peace of certainty. This inner certainty, which illumines all possible outer manifestations, brings about an equilibrium and balance that renders the awakened being in a state full of harmony and unity. The meaning of that peace, which is the result of knowledge, resides inherently in every heart. For the seed to be unearthed, the heart must be purified and made open. The seeker of the knowledge of Allah spends his days of darkness and nights of vigil awaiting the descent of the opening, and when that occurs it is like the crack of dawn.

Fajr means “dawn, the first light of the morning.” Fajara, the root of fajr, means “to crack, to break out, to explode.” The state of the heart of the knower is hidden in the darkness of the night but is illumined inwardly. It is outwardly in darkness yet bright with inner light, outwardly quiet but inwardly active and dynamic in the sea of knowledge. Most spiritual work is done from late at night until the dawn, when outwardly there is the least physical action and therefore a maximum possibility for inner action. The root of everything lies in its opposite. The root of the most beautiful, soft, white, ravishing lily lies in mud just as the root of maximal inner action lies in outer quietude.

From ‘Beams of Illumination from the Divine Revelation’

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri