Now is Eternal

Identity relates to mind, memory and time. Thoughts connect the past to the present and future. Reflection, meditation and the silent mind enable us to experience the immense present moment – no

Much human effort is expended to reduce distance and separation. As for time, we try to go faster than all possibilities or, more effectively, to stop time altogether. Our human conditioned consciousness drives us towards stillness in mind, which opens the door of timelessness and perpetual presence. All human endeavours lead to a point of experience, which occurs when the mind is content and still. The moment of success or heightened pleasure reflects this state. Within the still moment lies the zone of transcendence of mind and time. That is the infinitude of Reality.

When the past is lost and the
future is of no concern, the
perfection of now is a great gift
that yields a lasting thrill.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “Spectrum of Reality – Sufi Insights”