Origin of prophets

Before agriculture, groups of human beings wandered along different paths of the earth where food and shelter were adequate. A few thousand years ago within early settlements as well as amongst nomads and hunter gatherers a few people experienced higher zones of consciousness and the inner spiritual reference and guidance. Some four thousand years ago the Abrahamic model of Reality and the human position in existence began to spread in west of Asia.

Several other great historical beings emerged from this stream of revelations. Numerous prophets and sages, for centuries, expounded the truth or the reality of Oneness. This Oneness leads to the duality that we experience on earth. The ultimate drive for every being is connectedness, continuity and life. Cosmic life and Supreme consciousness gives rise to the experience of personal life and animal consciousness. The human soul within the heart radiates all the divine qualities and attributes that we desire.

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri