Otherness and Oneness

From mysterious Oneness, a plethora of every type of energy, matter and other realities emerged as every imaginable energy, material form, cycles or patterns in dualities, that balance each other. Pluralities emanate from the One and return to the One. Dualities appear as opposites or complimentary. They are twins. The two quarreling traders appear opposite to each other. Whereas in fact they are competing for what seems to them of limited availability. Dualities confirm unity.

Disagreements and differences are due to perceiving otherness. He is not one of us; not the same religion, not the same nation. Even when obsessed by the desire to perceive through Oneness. Eyesight, memory and habit mask this Truth. The genesis of the veil of otherness is conditioned consciousness of human beings for survival. You notice mostly that which is different and ignore the familiar. The herder noticed somebody else with his goats and felt threatened. Animal survival needs.

Otherness enforces the animal self for survival, protection and earthly ongoingness. Once you have actually experienced forever-ness of your own Soul then there would be a considerable erosion of the feeling of otherness. The awakened person sees sameness of essence and outer differences. The enlightened person only sees through the lens of Oneness. Reflective people become more aware of the light of the Soul. Life is work in progress. Otherness is a reminder of Oneness. Otherness is an outer encrustation or shell that has within it, the light of Oneness. The root of everything is Oneness. The present moment is only there because of Perpetual Oneness. Now slides through newness creating in its wake the experience of moving time. Now tomorrow is another time but yet is the same now. An illusion within space and time that seems to have changed. It has changed within the box of conditioned consciousness. But consciousness itself never changes. Truth is ever constant, only shadows emanating from it appear to change. Every entity indicates its sacred origin, often in subtle or veiled ways!