Pairs and Pluralities

“Everything in existence is in pairs and pluralities. Human nature is also the same. One aspect relates to evolution and animal consciousness and the other is heavenly, sacred and to do with spiritual energy.

The foundation of human life is based on the lower self or ego, which demands survival and wellbeingness. Most of our life is taken by the basic earthly drives to have strength, wealth, knowledge, power and other attributes. This spirit of Ruh within us, carries all these attributes and that is why its shadow or ego desires them. Our body and mind always goes for the material and tangible fulfilment whereas the heart calls for the lights and the delights which are not subject to space or time. The journey in life, for a successful being, is from the lower to the higher, and from the animal to that which is above angels. The wholesome journey does not exclude day to day living, but includes it and moves onto a far greater source, that is its course and its governor.