Presence, Disappearance and Urgency

We must ask ourselves what is the journey we are taking? He is already there. We have been deflected. We are looking elsewhere. Stop looking elsewhere. Be present. Do your sajdah properly. Disappear into His light and you will be overflowing with the joy of His being present in your heart. Allah says in a divinely revealed tradition: ‘My heavens and the earth cannot contain me, but the heart of him who has total faith and trust contains me.’ We must take responsibility. We must have urgency. This moment may never return. The companions we have, our friends, the jama’ah we love or the place we have been learning from may not be there later. Other events may take over. So live the moment urgently and ask Allah’s constant ghufran and His constant generosity of karam and jud to cover us.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “Friday Discourse – Jum’ah Talks at the Rasooli Centre”