“Peace. Stillness. Tranquility. Quietude. Ease. Flow in time. Constant goodness. No disconnection or discontinuity. Many humans express their love of peace, but within themselves, there are different battles and warfare. “Why am I not treated justly?” “Why do others have better luck?” A thousand ‘whys’ and many more disappointments. People talk about a beautiful and peaceful place, but soon, when others discover it, there is noise and disturbance. Does peace then only reside within you? How can there be inner without an outer? Everything is in pairs and two’s. To experience outer peace, one may need to trek up a mountain, and put up with the discomforts of a cave. Then, one may at least taste a state of utter peace—pure consciousness, as it was before creation, and will be recognized after separation from body and mind.

Instant peace is constant and ever-present. Stop everything and enter into utter silence, in body, mind and heart. What else is prostration other than an attempt to be recharged by this state? The origin of the soul and its foundation is peace. But because it activates the human body and mind, an aspect of it is disturbed. The final relief is the destiny for all. The wise will practice that state—utter peace—whilst alive and transcend all fears and concerns about death. The more frequently we recall inner peace, the more likely we are to be in balance and harmony in this life.”