The herd mentality, collective consciousness and love of tradition are common conditions of most people. Old cultures and ingrained bonds, including religion, language and life habits, are barriers to change. So are self-concern and the obsession with survival. This renders most people tunnel-visioned, acting as sleepwalkers. Minds are occupied, bodies act like robots and hearts are dark.

The people of Rome were surrounded by fire and most did not feel the urgency to evacuate. The unfortunate voyagers on the Titanic believed in the unsinkable ship and the orchestra continued playing. The love for continuity can override signals and signs of dangers. Sleepwalkers, like zombies, do not read signs or messages.

No human being is spared from nature’s generosity and from the shocks in life to wake us up to a higher level of consciousness and soul awareness.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri