Surrendering Attachment

Nothing is wrong with the world. There is nothing wrong with the creation. Everything is in a perfect form in its perfect place at the perfect time. It is my attitude towards it which causes me pain. The postman arrives and there is a letter for me informing me that a house in the countryside, which I love, has burned down and the roof has caved in. Those wonderful antique paintings are completely ruined. I am ruined!

The Sufi (Gnostic) says, you have to surrender. There is nothing wrong with the house provided that when it collapses, you do not collapse with it. It is the surrendering of the ownership/attachment aspect of it. The fact is, you can only carry out an activity efficiently if you are not attached to it. You can only run a business efficiently if you are not attached to it.

The seeds of all emotional attributes are in us inwardly, otherwise we could not comprehend them when we see them outwardly. The seed of fear is in us, thus we all know what fear is. We all understand what pain is. We all understand what anger is. We understand all these things because we are all from the same source. We are all creatures of God, we have come from God and to God we return. We have all been created in the same manner with the same consciousness. We are all sons and daughters of Adam. And, therefore, from that point of view, ‘I’ the individual, the microcosm, reflect and contain the characteristics of the macrocosm. This is my little world and that is the entire world. But in my little world are to be found the miniatures of the outside world, and, therefore, the secrets of the outside world. We say we are looking for self-fulfilment. So there is nothing other than your own self-fulfilment. And that can only come when your mind is quiet.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “The Sufi Way to Self-Unfoldment”