The Eye of Ḥaqīqah and the Eye of Sharī’ah

Everything is divine. If we view everything with the vision of divinity within us, if we look through the eye of the Creator within us, we find that everything is perfect, and if we do not do this, then everything appears unjust. If we see things with a low, base vision of life we find that everything is imperfect. We are, however, given numerous opportunities to serve the highest ends and to polish ourselves. When we look through the eye of sharī‘ah, everything may appear to be in a dreadful state. Therefore, an opportunity is given to us according to our situation to serve, to do good, to help, to work, to improve others, and to uphold true Islamic values. If we look through the eye of the ḥaqīqah, then everything is perfect. There are transgressions, there are failings, and things may appear miserable, but everything is nevertheless in perfection. We are the barzakh (the inter-space, the meeting point) of both possibilities; we contain them both.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “Beams of Illumination from the Divine Revelation – A Commentary on the Last Section of the Qur’an”