The Journey

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had taught: ‘Die before you die.’ The Suf sage retold this teaching to his disciple as: ‘Lose your (lower) self and there will remain only the (higher) soul – Allah’s light within your heart.’ This is the purpose of human life.

Authentic religious teachings and spiritual practices lead the seeker past ordinary states of consciousness and experiences towards a new state of infinitude that is the source of the universe. In this state there is no duality or otherness – an indescribable Oneness, perfect, sacred and constant. When personal and conditioned consciousness yields to its root and essence – supreme consciousness – spiritual evolution is complete. This book is essentially about people who have disciplined their minds and conduct and have attained a high degree of awareness of inner light and pure consciousness.

The Prophet Muhammad taught that while you would never get to know the Truth through men, you would understand men through the light of Truth. After many encounters with acknowledged spiritual masters and sages, I realized the wisdom of this teaching. No one could give me the Truth or take it away. However, I knew that others may help me overcome my self-acquired barriers, false values and other mental veils. The fact is that there is nothing that is durable or eternal other than Truth itself. To experience this state you need to switch off all thoughts and emotions and touch higher consciousness. Pure and boundless consciousness begins at the boundaries between self and soul, or falsehood and truth. This ocean of Reality is beyond all notions of space and time.

The enlightened ones link the seen with the unseen; living in full awareness and self-accountability, whilst illumined by the presence of the perfect light of the One Reality – perfect integration.

“Were it not for the ability of souls to wander in different arenas, progress for the seekers would not be realized. There is no distance between you and Him to be traversed, nor is there any severance between you and Him that you need to overcome in order to arrive.”

~ Ibn ‘Ata’ Allah

Human souls wander in the world of activities like horses being trained. Allah, Who is closer to us than closeness itself, has decreed that His Mercy and Light permeate all existence. We cannot improve on His Constant Presence and Mercy. The journey you imagine you are taking is simply to do with exploring the self and transcending it towards its source and origin – the soul. We are stimulated to increase in consciousness of Him by His Grace.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri and Muneera Haeri from the book “Sufi Links – Illumined Encounters”