The Maximum Learning About Yourself

How can anyone on two legs understand his situation unless he is intelligent, unless he takes time off to reflect, unless he catches himself in a real situation? Not only once in a while, when there may be a spiritual gathering or some social event. The maximum learning about yourself takes place when you are at what you think are the most difficult times in your life, because it is precisely at those times that all of what is inside comes out. All the froth is maximally visible at that time. It is then that you can improve most by recognition. You cannot progress along the path of recognizing the various aspects of desire unless you are actually in trouble. If you have eaten a reasonable meal and nobody is bothering you, then you are not in trouble. So nothing happens. Is that not so?

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “Man in Qur’ān and the Meaning of Furqān – Surat ul-Baqarah”