The Perpetual Now

What was there before the beginning of creation? The beginning implies movement and change within space and time. The start of the universe is what is popularly referred to as the big bang. Most human endeavours occur along the path of increasing consciousness and awareness, growing knowledge of wider and deeper connections, and more profound relationships in existence.

We want to move faster than time, or stop and freeze time. The fear of death and the desirability of experiencing eternity now are major forces in the human quest. If we stop all thoughts and self-awareness, we may be at the door of the eternal moment – at the beginning of it all! Beginnings and end are merged together.

Once the taste buds of experiencing timelessness are awakened, with spiritual evolvement we may come to realize the presence of eternity within our own heart: the perpetual now – a consciousness that is beyond time and space.

Our aims for longevity, stability, power, ability and other desirable attributes have their source in our own heart, for these are qualities radiating from the soul. Foreverness is the divine nature, and our soul reflects that. We desire continuity for what is considered attractive and helpful in well-beingness and this limited attempt at continuity is a prelude to the energy field of perpetual presence and timelessness. Our mind cannot realize this extraordinary state because it works within the framework of space and time. Continuity is the source, which encompasses our humanity and divinity. Continuity is the nature of our own soul. It is our essential nature.

By Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri from the book “Spectrum of Reality – Sufi Insights”