The Seekers Concerns

Child enjoys freedom from all restrictions. An adult accepts more restrictions and considers what is appropriate for the time and place. Wisdom describes optimum way of conduct. That may bring goodness for a durable period of time. With spiritual maturity, you connect with what is real, and perceive what is less real and durable, and what is fantasy and regrettable.


In the zone of consciousness that is beyond causality, is perpetual constancy or Reality. It is the original state where everything emanates from. Where all patterns, forms and possibilities emerge. The seeker hopes to perceive that original light from which every light and shadow had emanated. “Do not concern yourself with that which does not concern you” is a sound advice for a novice who is beginning to touch the zone of truth. Narrowing down your focus, attention and intention. Do not be distracted with anything that is sensory or mental. As a child, to win and to be well is important. Survival and growth for a mature person is not the same. But for those who are serious, there is obsession with arrival. And that state is Ever-Present. So go beyond all concerns. The soul has no concern. The self is always in agitation until its concern becomes one – its source of life. And that is the soul. Then self, mind and identity become faint memories of the past. Your one concern has absolved you into the One.

Article by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri