The Walking Around the Ka`bah (tawāf)

The second of the four spiritual Pillars of Pilgrimage is Tawaf. This refers to the tawāf after stopping at `Arafat and it signifies the return to the Manifestation of the Essence which is worthy of Divinity (ulūhiyah), and which is described in terms related to meaning and spirituality, travelling through the realm of meaning, and the various qualities of the manifestations of the Creator and the creation.

he tawāf is also a journey of reflection into the inter-relatedness of the seven key Attributes (the Living, Knowing, Willing, Able, Communicating, Seeing, Hearing), the characteristics of their composition, and the dependence of one upon the other. Because this station is the Station of Favor, general knowledge is unacceptable here as it has already been attained by the seeker. He should not neglect to perform the tawāf if he is able to do so, nor should he neglect to make a supplication here for what he wishes, because when the pilgrim enters the Sanctuary he finds the six directions (i.e. north, south, east, west, above and below) all facing towards the Ka`bah. If it is like this for the seeker, how is it for the Master who has vanished within the Essence of his Creator and who represents Allah in his words? Everything which issues forth from the tongues of the Masters comes from the beams issuing forth from the Presence of the Unique Oneness.

Next excerpt is the third spiritual Pillar of Pilgrimage, Hastening between the stations of pilgrimage…

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