Wealth & power

The mind learns the value and importance of life, survival and growth. The mind relates to livelihood, security, comfort and ease. The self loves itself.

Wealth is a power that can reduce physical pain and misery. It gives pleasure due to the ability to acquire what is regarded as valuable. Money provides flexibility and ease as a medium of exchange but also brings with it egotistic tendencies, such as greed and the justification of aggression and harm.

Numerous industries are based upon fear of loss of health, comfort or wealth. Inflation is a natural outcome of the desire to pay less for goods and services. Outer wealth and inner wealth rarely meet in one person! Very few people are on the path of inner wealth—the Soul.

The self, which identifies with the body and mind, is always concerned with wealth, power and the continuity of habits.

by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri