What can you Control?

Will, desire and ability are key forces in our life and quest for connectedness and continuity. We live according to what is within our domain to change or control. A child expresses anger and disappointment due to failure or inability to achieve what is desired. God’s agent within us, our Soul, controls our life and its shadow image, self or ego. Yet the self falls into the illusion of control and ownership – this is my dog, my house or my cousin. When did these controls come about and for how long? The dog is a living entity with its own nature. We can only exercise some control with limited certainty.

As long as anything moves, it destiny and existence are uncertain. Nature provided a suitable, alchemical ambience for life and consciousness to emerge- that is the history of life on earth. Within the confines of the womb of space and time, by its own consciousness, charged by permanent consciousness. Sacred beingness. From it emerges this short-lived human life dependent on eternal life. All is Soul-control anyway. But we are veiled by the ability to move and change. You can close the door or leave it. Or leave this place or not. Speak or be silent. Limited, limited, limited. We are given a tiny opening to visualize the infinite self-propelled universe. Perfect governance. Human life is like a waiting room before we perceive the reality of perfect control. By the One who permeates it all.