Where and when Truth exists

Truth is before all/anything and after all/anything is gone. The universe is held by Truth. Truth is the cause of all experiences and realities. Consciousness and life are energised by the grace of Truth.

The supreme mystery of life is to know and resolve this puzzling situation. If all is by the grace of Truth, then what is my personal relationship with it? Am I totally dependent? If I am dependant, how is it that I have a will? I have needs, desires and attractions and repulsions!

How can I access this unimaginable Presence?! Surely, I must start by questioning the identity of the questioner! Who am I? What is human nature? If there are two zones – the human and Divine, then how do I access the Divine? Do I lose my humanity to experience the spiritual Reality? After all there is only Truth. How to transcend falsehood that apparently veils its light.

Truth is not subject to the limitations of space and time, it encompasses the universe. It is true that I have the same will and power. It is also true that I will lose them. Divine will and power is constant and permanent and to realise this is being at one with Truth.

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri