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We have all evolved from Oneness and are driven to know and experience it through higher consciousness.

This series addresses questions such as: Who am I? What is consciousness? How do I find Spiritual meaning in everyday experiences of the material world, even tragedies? What about fate and intention?

It goes into detail on the dynamics of self and soul, discussing how we experience light by its shadow and other seeming paradoxes. Shaykh Fadhlalla then moves on to discuss the heart and how it can be tarnished, the concepts of personality, birth, death, fear, mirrors and the role of leadership. The series concludes by asking why we don't intuitively and instinctively seek the higher, why the path to so-called "enlightenment" is often presented as something mysterious or mystical, and with an offering of some practical advice for those actively seeking enlightenment.

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Episode 1

What am I?

You are what you make of yourself; a mixture of a lower and a higher self. Light which we call soul, activates all the multifarious layers of consciousness. We try to balance and fulfill a hierarchy of needs until we reach our inner joy.

It is not the thing, but the meaning that you are after-we are in an impermanent world seeking the boundless and permanent.

Episode 2

We experience light by its shadow. Pure light cannot be perceived except as a rainbow. Everything we experience in zone of time/space are images on the screen of non-change. What drives us is the love of that Absolute non-change. We are fueled by the infinite hierarchy of love and passion for beauty, health, harmony etc and ending up with Love by Love unto love. Light is only shown and known by its shadow. Light is both photon as well as wave. A photon is an entity and dies whereas a waveband continues forever, the same applies for individuals; an aspect of us dies, and an aspect of continues on.

Episode 3

This episode takes the form of many important questions which the Shaykh poses and then answers. Some of these questions include:

  1. By what should we be guided?
  2. What is the relationship between heart & Soul?
  3. How can/should we relate to Memory?
  4. What tarnishes the heart?
  5. What is Personality?
  6. Is it as simple as choosing between good & bad?
  7. Is the Soul an immortal entity?
  8. If it is immortal, why do we fear death?
  9. What is our relationship to society?
  10. What is the importance of role models?
  11. What is the role of leadership?
  12. Does Islam Have a role to play?
  13. What is role of saints, sages and monks?
  14. What, really, is the illness of the world around us?
  15. Is there hope?

Episode 4

Episode 5

This final episode in the series also takes the form of a series of questions asked and answered by the Shaykh, including:

  1. How do we conduct ourselves on the path?
  2. Do most people seem to want to remain children?
  3. How do we know if we are doing the right thing?
  4. What about a person transitioning from childhood to adulthood?
  5. Are prayer and meditation useful techniques?
  6. Why does it seem like the abandonment of pleasure?
  7. Why don’t we intuitively and instinctively seek the higher?
  8. Can this seeking be done by anyone anytime?
  9. Why is the path to enlightenment presented as something mysterious and mystical?
  10. Do you have practical advice after these five talks for seeking enlightenment?
The awakened being lives within sensible and wise limitations on earth whilst experiencing the limitless light of the soul within.