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Pointers to Practice

Specific Practices

People of Light

Practice stillness in body, mind, and heart: beginning with proper preparation and intention; moving into the ocean; then transcend space and time. Various techniques from visualisation and dhikr, to recitation of the Qur'an are described briefly in this piece.

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Maps & Models of the Self


A basic mapping of the modern self and the journeys it can undergo in this life as it progresses through various layers or rungs of consciousness.

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Vices, Virtue and Appropriate Conduct

Virtuous Being and Higher Conduct

Virtue is behaviour occurring at the centre of two extremes, both of which are unvirtuous. From this base, Shaykh Fadhlalla explores loyalty, higher consciousness and the eternal now.

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Self Knowledge and Unfolding Into Presence

Self Knowledge and Presence

A collection of excerpts from various books written by Shaykh Fadhlalla over the years on the theme of Self Knowledge, Presence, and how to deepen one's practice of both.

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