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Two Zones of Consciousness

Truth becomes effulgent when conditioned consciousness yields to the light.
These are two maps for your life's journey: one is for your earthly survival and describes your body, mind and emotions; the other, for arrival, and describes your heavenly state - inner soul, your heart and your resident deity. These two zones do not mix, but complement each other. Read them both side by side and you will enjoy your fate.
If you have an identity or roles, you are within the confinement of space and time - which you are always struggling to get out of. Your timeless reality is ever constant and boundless.
Our love for winning or receiving gifts or favours echoes the heavenly gift of the soul - the ultimate treasure; given with grace and unconditional love.
There are two types of poverty: the first relates to outer needs and desires to reduce human hunger and factors for survival and the second is intrinisc- outer wealth may not eradicate it, as the lower self is always in need of the higher.
Is God in charge of everything or not? Both! According to the lens of spacetime or Absolute Reality; this is the issue of incomparability and similarity.
There are always two levels of successful outcomes: one is judged by facts, reason and rationality; the other is to do with eternally present perfection.