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Journey 2 - Duality

We live in a world of duality with one aspect stronger than the other, which requires discernment. The worst poison is sometimes a remedy. Use head and heart to gain wisdom and good outcome.

When our sensory world and mind cannot tackle or resolve an issue, leave it, and sublimate. Beyond the elusive solution lies a new resolution.

Our consciousness is in two zones; one is the earthly limited zone and is never secure. The other is total consciousness of light and delight.

The mind and intellect explores the limits of experience. We want the limitless zone of Oneness upon which everything depends.

Human identity forever seeks sacred reality within the creational limitations of space and time. Sacred places are reminders of the nature of our own soul.

The human desire for miracles is a thread in the tapestry of life. The ultimate thrill is to know and experience that state of infinitude. That is the quantum shift and thrill.