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We often search for what is labelled as Truth, God, Reality or The One. People who adhere to specific religions or paths consider theirs to be superior to others, even though there may be as many ways to God as there are human beings. The illusion of separation is the cause of all ignorance. The quest and need for a path arises due to the illusory experience of a separate identity and personal point of view.

Many search for a path to the Divine, though few seem to find one which is durable, sustainable and can serve as a container capable of bearing them along the entire distance they must travel (while revealing that distance to be just another illusion!).

A tried and tested truth, though, is that the more the self is restricted, the narrower the path becomes and the brighter the light of the soul. Everyone is on a path, whether consciously or unconsciously. The important thing is to have a trustworthy reference. On a jagged path, that reference will bring you back to easy passage. Then you are more efficient in realizing presence, uniting the visible and invisible, and returning to One.

The Spiritual Path